eco renovation external repairs wakefield detached house1. Customers requirements / Job description

Property description

100 year old detached brick built family home in Wakefield.

Project type

Eco renovation and refurbishment project.

The owner of this detached 100 year property had previously looked at how they could improve the insulation standard of their home, due to the age and design of the house they had sought specialist advice from THIAS.

The property was hard to heat and difficult to keep warm, fuel bills were becoming more expensive, however due to the narrow cavity width and the age of the property, wall insulation was not possible. Our recommendation was to insulate certain parts of the property  while other renovation work was being undertaken.

Customer's requirements

The client was keen to install a PV solar system to reduce electricity costs, we arranged this work at the same time as having the roof stripped and recovered.

We managed the external renovation project including up grading the Insulation to the roof, and external wall repairs, and installation of a solar PV unit on the rear elevation.

2. Our process and work undertaken

A detailed assessment of the property was carried out and schedule of work was compiled by THIAS.

A complete new slate roof and all new lead-work, insulation was installed in previously inacceable areas.

1.9 kw solar PV panels installed to the rear elevation.

External re-pointing in traditional lime mortar and brick restoration

Specialist crack stitching prior to specialist re-pointing work.

Multi foil insulation was fixed into the roof space to a section of the loft that was boarded out and used for storage.

Loft insulation improved.

Outer walls and sloping ceilings were dry lined and new thermal insulation boards were used to insulate the ceilings and walls. Insulation was also fixed behind studwork in certain rooms which was possible as sections of eaves had access doors.

The remaining walls and ceilings were re-plastered, old stained and perished plaster was removed, timbers treated and defects corrected.

3. Results & completed project

The homeowner has reported saving on electricity costs thanks to the PV panels, and will look forward to a maintenance free roof and lower fuel bills over coming years.

The work was completed with the minimum of disruption to the client and within both the budget and timescales agreed.

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