A 'healthy home' provides a warmer, more comfortable living space for you and your family

You'll have a more energy efficient home with lower fuel bills. It will also be free from condensation, unsightly black mould and the problems associated with damp.

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What is a 'healthy homes survey'?

Survey options

Option 1 - The Healthy Homes Survey and report

A whole house survey and home inspection - combining a detailed energy assessment and a full damp survey. Suitable for older houses as well as cold and damp properties with poor heating and minimal insulation.

Option 2 - The building defect and damp survey

A detailed damp survey and inspection focusing on specific areas of the home.

How the service works

Step 1

Contact us, and we can give you more information about the services we provide. We will also explain what information we need from you to decide what type of survey is required: either a building defect and damp survey and report for your home; or the whole house healthy homes survey.

For example: does your home simply have a condensation issue, or a more serious damp problem?

Step 2

We can discuss the problems with you before arranging a home visit. We will normally take some basic information, including: the age of your property; the type of construction; how many occupants are living in the home; and how long you have had a problem. We can then determine if your home would benefit from a full survey, or a specific area which requires inspection.

Step 3

We will agree a time and date for the survey.

Step 4

A Healthy homes survey and damp report starts when we visit your home. We will carry out a top to bottom review of the property, looking at all aspects of the home to find the reasons behind the particular damp issue.

Step 5

We use modern surveying methods as well as years of experience to decide on the best course of action - what improvements have been made so far and where to focus on for the future.

For example: We look at the fabric of your home to determine why the house is damp, and the reasons for the building defect.

  • We look at your walls and floors on the inside
  • We look at your roof covering and guttering and existing windows and doors
  • We also look at the current ventilation in the home as well as the heating and insulation standards

Step 6

We will talk to you about your plans especially if you are looking to extend and remodel your home, as renovating or extending a home is often the best time to make improvements keeping disruption to the minimum.W

Step 7

We collect all the required information and prepare a report detailing the most appropriate improvements, including: short term; to do now items; ranging to long term plans, which can be worked into a home renovation plan, or carried out as a one off job.

Step 8

We will discuss our recommendations with you, and then prepare the specifications for the proposed work, which will enable contractors to work to a pre agreed plan.

We will send you the report, to ensure that you are happy with our proposals.

Step 9

We can project manage the work for you, and oversee the entire process from the planning stage to the completed work, ensuring that both the materials used and the workmanship of the project is to the highest standards.

In conclusion

No two homes are the same - that's why we focus on getting the remedial plan right first time. Whether you're building, renovating or upgrading, the survey and report is about creating a clear and decisive project plan, which will save money in the long term, and ensure that work is carried out to the highest standards, using the most appropriate materials.


What does the healthy homes survey and building defect and damp survey cost?

As a guide we find that there are typically two options, which would suit most budgets.

Option 1

A damp and building defect survey is typically £150, subject to the location of the property, and the nature of the problem, please ask us for a fixed price quote.

Option 2

The healthy homes survey and report is typically £290. This is a fully bespoke report including energy assessment for a normal family home with up to 3 or 4 bedrooms.

Larger homes with more than 4 bedrooms will cost more, and typically this would be an extra cost per bedroom, or additional living room.

We can normally give an accurate price based on what you tell us over the phone. If you are planning major build work and renovations we can look at your plans and price the job accordingly.

A combined damp survey and home energy survey, called the THIAS healthy homes report, is a service that provides a whole house approach. Dealing with more than just damp, it's ideally suited for when a home owner is renovating a property. This is a detailed assessment and report - please ask us for more details.

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