Welcome to the Landlord Zone, a service established to help landlords deal with damp problems and other issues in their rental properties.

The service is here to help landlords with one house or with several properties.

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Landlords who are looking to protect and maintain their investment, the service we provide will appeal to owners looking to maintain their properties to a high standard.

We provide a range of building defect surveys, specialising in problem areas and difficult to solve issues that can be misdiagnosed and lead to unnecessary costs.

Specialist property surveys

1. Damp, condensation and mould surveys

  • Advice for landlords when dealing with damp and defects in rental properties
  • Dealing with general dampness in buildings
  • Providing solutions for homes with condensation, black mould and poor ventilation
  • Advice on ventilation solutions

2. Building defect surveys

Specialist advice on a range of building defects, and expert advice on improving older homes in an energy efficient way

3. Home energy survey and assessments

  • Helping Landlords improve both the comfort and energy efficiency of the property
  • An objective and comprehensive look at opportunities to improve your homes energy performance

4. Thermal imaging surveys

  • An in depth assessment of your property and areas of heat loss
  • Surveys can help detect dampness, leaks and cold spots
  • Thermal imaging is a quick and visually efficient way to identify draughts and missing insulation.

5. Roof surveys

  • A comprehensive overview of the condition of your roof, and advice on repairs
  • Advice on chimney defects, and issues that lead to damage of the internal structure
  • New roof specifications and help with major works

Step 1

Contact us, and we can give you more information about the services we provide. We will also explain what information we need from you to decide what type of survey is required: either a building defect and damp survey and report for your home; or the whole house healthy homes survey.

For example: does your home simply have a condensation issue, or a more serious damp problem?

Step 2

We can discuss the problems with you before arranging a home visit. We will normally take some basic information, including: the age of your property; the type of construction; how many occupants are living in the home; and how long you have had a problem. We can then determine if your home would benefit from a full survey, or a specific area which requires inspection.

Step 3

We will agree a time and date for the survey and liaise directly with your tenant or letting agent.

Step 4

On completion of our survey and inspection we will provide an advisory report with recommendations setting out the various remedial works that are required.

Step 5

We will arrange quotations for any specific remedial work that is required.


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New energy efficiency regulations came into force during 2018, and are been further improved in 2020.

Minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) were launched in April 2018, meaning that newly rented homes and those with renewed tenancies have to meet an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of E or above.

But from 2020, these rules will also apply to existing tenancies – so if you have a long-term tenant you may want to spend some time making improvements to your property’s energy efficiency so it’s ready in time.

We provide a service for Landlords that covers insulation, heating and ventilation improvements

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