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Thermal imaging survey

A home energy survey from The Home Improvement Advisory Service is a top-to-bottom review of your home. We look at how you use energy and how energy efficient your home actually is.

Our aim is to show you how you can save real money and become much more energy efficient.

Before starting a retro-fit project, it's essential to work out which measures are right for you and your home. Without a proper plan you can easily end up choosing work that does not deliver the results you were looking for, or spending much more than you need to.

Home Energy Action Plan - starting with the right advice

One of our qualified energy surveyors will perform an assessment of your home - and we can now include bespoke thermal imaging as part of the energy survey, carried out by a qualified and trained assessor. We'll discuss our findings with you and then send you a bespoke report that's tailored to your home which summarises our findings.

How do we make our homes more energy efficient?

We are all being encouraged to use less energy and to make our 'carbon footprint' smaller. But how do we make our homes more energy efficient? And how can we reduce our fuel bills without spending a fortune?

The first thing you need is an energy survey and report...

Home energy survey A 'Thias' home energy survey and technical report gives you sound advice about the measures you can take to reduce your fuel bills. We'll survey your home, sit down and talk to you about our findings and produce an easy to read report that's tailored to your home and covers up to eighteen key points.

How efficient is your boiler and is it A-rated?

  • Do you have enough insulation and is your property suitable for wall insulation?
  • What cost-effective improvements can you make to save money?
  • Which renewable schemes make sense?
  • Are A-rated windows worth the investment?
  • What funding is available?
  • Our energy surveyors are qualified, experienced and will give you impartial advice

We pride ourselves on giving sound, practical and sensible information, the service we provide is based on over 25 years of practical experience Retro fitting houses.

The Home Improvement Advisory Service has helped thousands of householders / homeowners across Yorkshire improve their homes since 1993.

We have gained the experience and knowledge required on many retro-fit and renovation projects, to help you improve your home's energy rating and efficiency in a cost effective way.

home energy surveyBenefits of using our service:

  • Expert help and friendly advice aimed to assist you when carrying out and implementing remedial or retrofit measures
  • Latest technology used to give you the best survey results.
  • Clearly visualise energy loss in your building or home.
  • High quality images of defects and missing insulation.
  • Clear and simple surveys.
  • Competitive pricing and value for money.

How the service works - what happens next?

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