External Wall Insulation

Insulation behind vertical studwork

Insulation behind vertical studwork

Many older traditional homes do not have cavity walls; EWI - External wall insulation, and insulation fitted internally to outside walls can be an option.

In Edwardian and Victorian houses for example, attic or loft rooms can cause particular problems. Sloping ceilings and vertical stud walls are likely to be of a "lathe and plaster" construction, behind which are only the roof tiles, and no insulation.

Not surprisingly these rooms are often very cold during the winter months, and can suffer from mould and condensation. The lack of insulation can also mean that they are hard to heat in winter.

Installing external or internal insulation is a significant investment, it is essential that the property is surveyed by a qualified expert, and any work undertaken is carried out by suitably qualified and experienced contractors.

Solid wall insulation

 External wall Insulation fixed to a gable wall and extending the tiled verge to allow for new Insulation

External wall insulation fixed to a gable wall

Our bespoke retro-fit insulation service provides you with a solution tailored specifically to your home. Either Insulation applied to the external fabric of the building, or internal wall insulation fixed on the inside of external walls, using high quality insulation materials we identify the areas of greatest heat loss and give these areas the highest priority.

Retro-fitting the latest insulation systems requires attention to detail, selection of the right combination of materials, and an application that is sympathetic to the existing building, we specialise in retro-fit insulation and renovation to period and traditional homes.

Making your home more energy efficient begins with the right advice; the first step in installing EWI - solid wall / internal or external wall insulation is to discuss the options with our service, this is usually undertaken during an initial visit and consultation and as part of this service we will be able to give you some indication of the likely cost.

We will then survey your home and this is normally done as part of a top to bottom review of your property. We will assess the suitability of your walls for insulation and discuss the technical side in detail and the products and likely costs. We often find there are related problems such as dampness, condensation and mould, or rooms with 'musty' stale odours.

Insulating difficult to reach and problem areas

Thermal boards applied to a ceiling

Thermal boards applied to a ceiling

Where it is possible to gain access behind a stud wall, we can fit quilt insulation in-between the studwork and out of sight, or a combination of quilt and a multi foil product.

By using insulated plasterboard and quilt insulation in this way, heat loss can be drastically reduced and an inefficient ceiling or wall can be brought up to 21st century standards.
Living space can be "reclaimed" - rooms are warmer during winter, cooler during summer. Heating bills and carbon emissions reduced.

External wall insulation systems installed professionally can make a huge impact on heat loss and dramatically improve the appearance of a property, especially if the property requires new rendering, or external cladding.

See our case studies showing work we've undertaken to improve homes in different ways. Improving your home's insulation will increase its energy rating - still a mandatory requirement if you put your home up for sale.

Benefits of using our service:

  • Expert help and friendly advice aimed to assist you when carrying out and implementing remedial or retrofit measures
  • Latest technology used to give you the best survey results.
  • Clearly visualise energy loss in your building or home.
  • High quality images of defects and missing insulation.
  • Clear and simple surveys.
  • Competitive pricing and value for money.

How the service works - what happens next?

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