Property Care

Does your home suffer from any of these problems?

Damp cold mouldy house
Rising and penetrating damp

house penetrating damp york

This may be caused by structural problems, e.g:

  • Damaged guttering
  • Leaking roof
  • Wall cracks and defective pointing
  • Leaking pipes
  • High ground levels

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Condensation on windows and walls

Window condensation

Often caused by:

  • Poor ventilation, especially in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Lack of insulation
  • Poor heating
  • Solid external walls

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Damp and mould on internal walls

Often caused by:

  • Poor ventilation, especially in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Lack of insulation
  • Inadequate heating
  • Solid external walls

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Dampness under floors & timber problems

dampness under floors

Often caused by:

  • Lack of ventilation and air bricks
  • Woodworm
  • Wet rot
  • Dry rot
  • Wet earth & ground below floors

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Dampness from roofs and chimneyspenetrating damp

Often caused by:

  • Defective flashings
  • Missing slates and tiles
  • Missing insulation
  • Salt damage to chimneys

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Condensation in lofts and attic rooms

Condensation in loft space

Often caused by:

  • Poor ventilation
  • Missing roof vents
  • Poor bathroom ventilation
  • Missing insulation

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Poor ventilation within the home


  • Damp and mould
  • Severe condensation
  • Structural damage
  • Health problems

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Building defects and structural cracking

Building defects

Often caused by:

  • Wall tie failure
  • Rotten defective timbers
  • Defective and leaking drains
  • Poor maintenance
  • Poor building maintenance

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Specialist damp and timber surveys

Thermal imaging camera survey

  • Genuine help and impartial advice, independent surveys & advisory reports for remedial repairs to older homes.
  • We provide a bespoke service for period and traditional restoration & renovation projects.
High performance extractor fans

Ventilation system

Our solutions are comprehensive and we provide a whole house approach:

  • Humidity based extractor fans
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Passive ventilation
  • Positive input ventilation
Improved ventilation to combat black mould

Ventilation to combat black mould

  • Improved Insulation
  • Improved Heating
  • Mould remediation services
  • Mould cleaning and decorating
  • Mould resistant paint systems
Improved ventilation to sub-floors

New floor

  • Replacement floors with Insulation
  • New timber floors
  • New concrete floors with under-floor heating
  • Fitting airbricks to improve ventilation
Roof repairs

Roof repairs

  • Re-roofs - strip and recovers
  • Repairs to defective chimney stacks
  • Specialist internal plastering
  • External rendering repairs
  • Dealing with chimney salts and damp
Improving roof ventilation

Roof tile vents

  • Fitting roof tile vents
  • Soffit and eaves ventilation
  • Adding additional insulation
Individual room ventilators

Installing ventilation

  • Trickle vents on windows
  • Bathroom extractors fans
  • Humidity control
  • Whole house heat recovery
  • Improved heating and insulation
Specialist building repairs

Rear stone walls prior to repointing Harrogate

  • Wall tie replacement
  • Crack stitching
  • Re-pointing works
  • External masonry repairs and restoration


THIAS are experts in property care and provide a range of effective solutions to deal with damp, condensation, mould and other problems that are often found in older properties.

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