1. Customers requirements / Job description

Property description

Brick built semi-detached house in York. Pre-war circa 1930s.

Project type

Damp proofing and internal renovation project.

Customer's requirements

The owner of this semi-detached York home wanted to resolve a difficult damp issue that had become more noticeable during the wet summer of 2012.

2. Our process and work undertaken

In order to determine the exact extent of the problem and cause of the dampness, a detailed home survey was carried out. A specification and schedule of work was provided by THIAS.

A comprehensive assessment was carried out to expose the original slate damp proof course.

The property had previously been extended to the side and rear elevations, this work had impacted on the original external house walls, which were now inside walls, and showing signs of significant dampness.

During the survey it was clear that previous building work using modern materials were causing some problems, as well as poor quality workmanship.

The old concrete floors had no insulation or damp proof membrane, and some walls that were skimmed with modern plaster was touching the old concrete floors, absorbing moisture vapour from the cold and damp floors, a clear damp mark was visible on the walls.

The rooms were stripped back to brick, and the original slate damp proof course was exposed, the reason for some of the dampness was simply that the original builders had laid the internal ground floors higher than the slate damp proof course.

The original damp proof course was slate, this was maintained and an additional DPC cream system injected, the ground floor was treated in stages, and allowed to dry before decorating and second fix joinery.

To solve the various problems, the ground floor rooms were treated and new asphalt floors laid, and ground floor walls were treated with specialist plastering using a system developed by THIAS.

3. Results & completed project

Project completed in September 2013

The work was managed by Andrew Spence, a project manager with over 25 years experience.

Following completion of the remedial treatment works, and the renovation project to this York home, the homeowner now has a property than will be dry and free from dampness, all the modern materials that were causing much of the problems were removed and the correct methods and materials used.

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