Bespoke window renovation project to a traditional period home in Harrogate

Work undertaken between 2011

Property Description: A stone built semi detached Edwardian house in Harrogate – constructed in the early 1900s, with original timber windows and doors.

Project type: A renovation project combined with external refurbishment of the Edwardian property. Restoration and up grading of all existing sliding sash windows; and fitting new energy efficient period hardwood windows and doors.

The homeowner of this Edwardian house wanted to completely refurbish the exterior of the property, maintaining the original features where possible, and combine external renovation work with improved levels of thermal Insulation, the property was suffering from condensation in certain rooms, and was not insulated to meet modern standards, the property had a significant number of old windows that needed to be replaced, most existing sliding sash windows would not open.
In order to achieve the high levels of insulation required to the new windows, a detailed home survey was carried out, and a specification and schedule of work was provided by THIAS.

Work undertaken

Most of the original sliding sash timber windows were completely refurbished and expertly renovated, and repaired including new window cills, up- graded locks and new glass and brush pile draught proofing, all rotten sections of timber were replaced.
Many of the existing sliding sash windows were repaired and re-glazed, and where appropriate toughened safety glass was used.

Old timber bay window single glazed

Customers requirements / Job description

Bay sash window/porch – painting frames

New hardwood timber window and door
Windows that could not be renovated were replaced with Hardwood doubled glazed frames, and included new high performance double glazed sealed units to meet the highest thermal standards.
New entrance doors were manufactured in hardwood to match the original frames, all new frames were preservative treated and painted as part of the fitting process.
New window and door frames were made to match the original frames.

Hardwood window and door fully painted

New hardwood double glazed bay window

New painted fascia and windows

  1. Conclusion
    Following completion of the restoration and renovation project to this Harrogate home, the homeowner can now use old windows that were previously sealed and painted shut, new windows and doors are more secure and draught free, and they now have a well insulated and draught free home and can expect lower fuel bills in the future.
    Condensation and the problems associated with dampness and unsightly mould has been removed, and improved levels of ventilation to all parts of the property will prevent future damp problems re-occurring.
    Restoring original period windows, and replacing windows and doors with high quality energy efficient timber windows is a specialist job, our service managed the process from initial assessment to final fitting and decoration.

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